Radiesse for Wrinkles Around the Nose and Mouth

Even if you have gone to great lengths to protect your skin over the years, there may come a time when aging and the elements catch up with you. As we grow older, everything from sun damage to chemical-laden beauty products can cause unwanted blemishes such as facial wrinkles around the nose and mouth. Radiesse? is a popular injectable that could help you to minimize the appearance of these wrinkles for a year or longer with absolutely no downtime. This is a popular treatment at our office because of the amazing results that it can provide.

The Truth About Collagen Products

Anyone who has taken the time to research wrinkle treatments has no doubt come across topical collagen remedies. These collagen products often come in the form of creams and ointments, and many companies claim they will erase fine lines and wrinkles in as little as a few weeks. While those promises might sound tempting, the products rarely work. The primary reason for this comes down to the size of a collagen molecule. They are simply too large to pass through the epidermis and penetrate deep into the skin.

Collagen and Wrinkles

Collagen is a vital protein that acts as a framework for your skin. When your body produces new collagen, it is dispersed through each layer of your skin so that it remains smooth and taut. Younger people generally have much firmer skin because the fibers have not been damaged and their bodies continue to produce a large amount of collagen. Over time, the support structure weakens and the skin eventually loses elasticity. This leads to issues such as loose and sagging skin around the nose and mouth. A loss of volume just under the skin further exacerbates these issues and can create larger folds along the face.

Radiesse? Injections

Every Radiesse? injection contains millions of microscopic calcium hydroxylapatite (CaHA) particles suspended in a neutral gel. The injections immediately add volume to the skin in order to produce a plump and healthy appearance. You will notice changes to your appearance right after your appointment, but the results tend to improve over the coming weeks. As time goes on and the gel disperses throughout the skin, your body will begin to produce more collagen. Many patients continue to enjoy improvements for months after their initial appointment. Depending on your age and the state of your skin, the final results can last for as long as 12 months.

What are the Benefits?

Many patients choose dermal fillers over cosmetic surgery because they are not ready for a lengthy and uncomfortable recovery. Radiesse? is delivered via injection. Most patients experience nothing more than minor redness and inflammation near the injection sites. Those issues should be gone within just a few hours, and most people can resume all of their regular daily activities immediately following their appointment.

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