Radiesse? Hand Lift for a Balanced, More Youthful Appearance

You’ve heard of facelifts and brow lifts, but what about a hand lift? No, this isn’t some skin ablation technique where skin is peeled off and re-stitched. Instead, it is a modern anti-aging procedure that uses the Radiesse? treatment.

Radiesse? is a specialized injectable often used to promote healthy collagen production in the tissues supporting the facial skin. However, the hands also show visible signs of aging. Mature adults are often self-conscious about the appearance of their wrinkled?hand skin.

The Radiesse hand lift is more than just a hand lotion. It can take years off your hands’ appearance, and the results can last for years. We encourage you to consider this treatment if you want a non-surgical approach to hand skin rejuvenation.

Why Hands Begin to Show Wrinkles

As we age, our hands begin to look bony and fragile. Actually, most of the bone and muscle tissue is still there. The problem is that the tissue that lies just beneath the skin is no longer supportive. The skin begins to get a bit thinner,?loses moisture, and begins to wrinkle. Fine lines around the knuckles become much more apparent.

Years of sun exposure results in small dark spots on the hands. This discoloration is most noticeable around the finger joints. The loose skin, wrinkles, and dark spots can be successfully treated with Radiesse.

How this Procedure Works

Radiesse? is injected using a tiny needle. It is composed primarily of calcium and phosphate ions. These are found naturally in the body, so there is no danger of rejection.

When we schedule a consultation with the client, we examine the hands and target the most damaged areas to determine the injection points. The treatment itself lasts about 20 minutes or more.

The plumping begins almost immediately. Any minor swelling that occurs begins to dissipate in just a couple of hours. Patients should rest their hands after the procedure, so strenuous labor should be avoided.

Long-Lasting Results

The effects of Radiesse? are not permanent, but the plumping will raise the skin above the bones and tendons. This can last for a year. The increased volume allows for collagen production and a strengthening of the supportive tissues. The hands; therefore, become softer, and the skin itself is now more even-toned.

Although this lift procedure increases the volume of subdermal tissue, the hands will not feel bloated. Instead, the skin above the knuckles and on the back of the hand feels thicker and more elastic.

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Radiesse? has been used for years by dermatologists to combat their clients’ facial skin aging. It is just as effective in reducing the visible lines and creases on the hand skin. To learn more about how this plump-and-lift procedure can help, contact Skin Deep Naples today.