Look Your Best with Chemical Peels

Chemical peels are a surprisingly old cosmetic treatment used to exfoliate the skin. The ancient Egyptians used sour milk in their chemical peels, for it contains lactic acid ? a chemical that is still used in peels today.

During a chemical peel, our specialist applies a solution to the skin that exfoliates the outermost layers, revealing healthy and unblemished new skin underneath. Chemical peels can be applied to the face, neck or hands. They are used to treat a variety of skin problems like fine lines, wrinkles, discoloration, mild scars and some types of acne.

Types of Chemical Peels

Chemical peels are categorized by the strength of the chemical used. Superficial or light peels are the mildest, while deep peels are the strongest and have the most dramatic effects. While superficial peels require the most treatments to get the desired effects, they are also the least likely to cause side effects.

We offer three different types of chemical peels at our med spa in Naples: the Vi Peel, the Perfect Peel and the ZO Peel. Each peel comes with its own benefits, so we can help you choose the right one for your needs during your first appointment.

The Vi Peel effectively treats skin issues such as uneven skin tone and texture, lines and wrinkles, hyperpigmentation and acne. This peel also encourages the production of collagen, leaving you with skin that continues to improve long after your treatment is finished. The Perfect Peel, which is safe for use on all skin types, utilizes glutathione to prevent or even reverse some of the signs of aging. The ZO peel works well to reduce issues such as scarring, melasma and skin laxity.

Who Is a Good Candidate for a Chemical Peel?

The ideal candidate for a chemical peel will be a healthy client who would like to address skin issues such as hyperpigmentation, acne and acne scars, lines and wrinkles, skin laxity, scarring and more. Regardless of the type of skin problems you are experiencing, we can find a peel to provide you with the best results.

Chemical peels can do much to revitalize your skin and keep you looking young. At Skin Deep Naples, we can help you learn more about the Vi Peel, Perfect Peel and ZO Peel and choose the best one for your needs. Contact our office in Naples to schedule your first appointment and get started!