Learn More About Sofwave Skin Tightening From Our Spa Experts

Fine lines and wrinkles appear on most people’s faces over time, causing many of them to look a lot older than they really are. While Botox and other filler treatments have been a tremendous help to candidates like these, these often have to be performed several times a year.

Sofwave skin tightening and lifting is a procedure that offers virtually the same benefits as Botox and other types of filler treatments, but with fewer side effects and longer lasting results. Below are just some of the advantages of opting for this FDA-approved skin tightening treatment:

It’s Totally Non-invasive

Although treatments such as Botox are effective, they are unfortunately minimally invasive – meaning that they carry some risks during and after treatment. For example, Botox injections can not only cause swelling, pain and bruising if the treatment is not performed correctly; patients can even experience droopy eyes or frozen facial expressions in some cases.

Sofwave on the other hand, is totally non-invasive in that the device used doesn’t ever penetrate the skin’s surface. This means that the risk of experiencing side effects and/or complications is minimized substantially, and the treatment has been declared safe for all skin types as well.

No Downtime to Deal with

Several other wrinkle and skin resurfacing treatments require a series of four or more sessions before any noticeable results can be seen. This not only becomes costly; it requires candidates to commit a large amount of time to treatment sessions.

Sofwave provides results in just one to two treatment sessions at most and it has been specifically designed to ensure that minimal to no downtime is required afterwards. In fact, many people schedule treatments during lunch breaks and return to work immediately afterwards without having to worry about post-treatment care.

Enjoy Noticeable Improvement in Skin Surface

While results of this treatment won’t be visible immediately, candidates will notice a distinct improvement in the overall smoothness of their skin a few weeks after treatment. In addition, ongoing improvement in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles will be observed for up to six months after treatment as the body continues producing new collagen.

Longer Lasting Results

In many cases, Botox and other filler treatments have to be administered every few months to prevent wrinkles and fine lines from reappearing. However, candidates who opt for Sofwave skin tightening can expect the results of their treatments to last for as long as 12 months at a time. Longer lasting results mean that fewer treatments will need to be scheduled, which saves a lot of time over the long term.

If you would like to learn more about how Sofwave skin tightening therapy will be more beneficial for you than other forms of treatment, get in touch with us to schedule a consultation today. All of our beauticians and cosmetologists are highly knowledgeable and experienced, meaning that only the highest quality service will be provided to you during treatment sessions.

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