Laser hair removal

Get Smooth Skin with Laser Hair Removal

If you have areas of unwanted hair that you want to remove but are sick and tired of using manual techniques such as shaving or waxing, you are not alone. There are millions of individuals around the world who despise having to shave, wax or use some other form of manual hair removal. These forms of hair removal are time-consuming, uncomfortable, ineffective and often can leave your skin so irritated that it looks worse after removing the hair than it did when you simply had hair on your body. This is especially true when talking about hair removal on your legs.

Thankfully, hair removal does not need to be so difficult. The laser hair removal process is a semi-permanent way for you to get the silky-smooth legs you have always wanted. It offers all of the benefits of manual hair removal without any of the negative side effects. With laser hair removal, you do not have to worry about razor bumps, stubble or skin irritation. You can simply enjoy smoothness on any area of your body.

Laser hair removal provides the comfort of knowing that the treatment is being performed by qualified and experienced medical professionals. The individuals who will perform your treatment are licensed and understand both the physical and aesthetic aspects of laser hair removal.

This treatment works by safely destroying the hair follicles that lead to hair growth. During the procedure, a highly-concentrated burst of energy is directed at your unwanted hairs. This heat energy travels through the hairs and directly attacks the hair follicles.

Our laser hair removal professionals understand that no two clients have the same skin color or the same hair type. For this reason, during the initial consultation at our office, we work with our clients to ensure that they get the best result possible.

Unlike past treatments, modern laser hair removal treatments are not highly uncomfortable. You will feel something that is akin to the snap of a rubber band on the area that is being treated. You will need a series of treatments in order to get complete results.

Laser hair removal is a powerful tool that will allow you to look your best and leave you with smooth, silky skin that you will be proud to show off. To learn more about how this treatment can work for you, make an appointment at Skin Deep Naples, a premier med spa in Naples. Contact us today to schedule a consultation!