Laser Tattoo Removal

Am I a Candidate for Laser Tattoo Removal?

Did you get a tattoo in the past that you don?t want anymore? Whether the tattoo?s image simply doesn?t suit you anymore or the tattoo was done improperly and looks distorted, our medical team at Skin Deep Naples can likely help. It?s time for you to take action with laser tattoo removal.

A Look at the Procedure

It all starts with a consultation. During this meeting at our office, our medical team can examine your tattoo and your medical history to make sure you are a good candidate for the procedure. Laser tattoo removal requires multiple treatments, especially if the tattoo is large, complex and multi-colored. Our team will also have to consider the depth of the ink, the age of the tattoo, and the color of the client?s skin.

During the laser tattoo removal treatment, the client will be given protective eyewear. A laser is then used to send pulses of laser energy to be absorbed by the tattoo pigment. The tattoo should become noticeably lighter after each session.

These treatments are done in the comfort of our med spa in Naples. Your tattoo removal consultation with us is completely free. You have nothing to lose by coming in to see what we can do for you. Every client is different, so the number of sessions you will need for successful tattoo removal will be determined after your examination.

Our Laser

Different wavelengths are used to remove different colors, for those colors absorb some light and reflect others. With the use of the CynoSure Revlite laser, we can effectively treat any and all colors of your ink. This unique laser minimizes discomfort and side effects versus a traditional tattoo removal laser. This laser can also save our clients time and energy, as it typically requires less treatment sessions.

Contact us Today for More Information

The ideal candidate for laser tattoo removal will be someone with overall good health and realistic expectations. However, the only way to find out if you?re a good candidate for this treatment is to come in to see our medical team at Skin Deep Naples. Let us show you how our advanced technology can effectively remove your unwanted ink. Contact us today to make an appointment in Naples to have your regretful tattoo checked out!