What is Microdermabrasion?

Microdermabrasion is a cosmetic procedure used to improve the appearance of your skin. This minimally-invasive procedure gently sands the skin to remove its thick outer layer. The treatment can be used to improve the appearance of discoloration, minor skin damage, age spots, fine lines, light scarring and acne. Microdermabrasion also helps to make your skin look younger by thickening your collagen.

Unlike other skin treatments, microdermabrasion can be done on nearly everyone. People with dark skin do not have to worry about discoloration or scarring because the treatment only makes subtle changes to skin cells. Since only the outer layer of the skin is touched during a microdermabrasion treatment session, it is used to address minor skin issues.

Microdermabrasion uses tiny exfoliating crystals in order to alter the skin. The device also has an attached vacuum that gently sucks up the exfoliating crystals and the dead skin at the same time. After this occurs, a light peel and a soothing mask are applied in order to further rejuvenate the skin.

The treatment session will generally last only about 30 minutes, but the length of time will ultimately be determined by how much skin you are getting treated. You will feel a vibrating and gentle scratching sensation throughout the entire procedure. This is caused by the microdermabrasion device removing your dead skin cells.

Since microdermabrasion is a minimally-invasive cosmetic procedure, there is almost no recovery time. Immediately following the treatment session, your skin will feel tight and dry while having a slightly pink appearance. This is very similar to what you would experience if you got a slight sunburn, and it should only last for approximately one day. Moisturizer can be applied to the skin to help the healing process, but you should avoid makeup until the skin is fully healed.

It is recommended that you limit your sun exposure for a few days following the microdermabrasion treatment. Extended exposure to the sun will prevent the skin from healing properly. If you have to go out in the sun for a long time, then you are encouraged to use a strong sunscreen lotion on your skin.

Located in Naples, Skin Deep Naples proudly offers microdermabrasion treatments as a safe, effective and simple way to enhance the appearance of skin. One of the best things about this procedure is that it does not require any incisions or invasive chemicals. Contact our office today to schedule your consultation to see how microdermabrasion can benefit you.