EndyMed Pro 3DEEP?

EndyMed Pro 3Deep? for Nonsurgical Body Tightening

Age, stress and the sun all have one common characteristic ? they can wreak havoc upon the skin. The damage they cause can occur in the face, on the arms, around the legs, anywhere on your body.

Elasticity problems can become difficult to treat. Surgical solutions, while incredibly effective, may be unfeasible due to the amount of skin that needs treatment.

Nonsurgical solutions already exist for the face, but they are seldom effective enough to be used on the rest of the body.

EndyMed Pro 3DEEP? is one of the few nonsurgical solutions capable of providing effective skin tightening all over the body. This can help patients recover from age-related skin degeneration without the need for cumbersome surgery or painful recovery periods.

What is EndyMed Pro 3DEEP??

Nonsurgical solutions for skin tightening tend to rely upon transmitting energy to the collagen beneath the skin. This allows old collagen structures to be broken down before the body can begin creating tighter structures to replace it.

The problem with these techniques is that they tend to have a high energy requirement. While the effects of heightened energy can be mitigated over a small area, this tends to make them unviable over areas of the body.

EndyMed Pro 3DEEP? conquers this by utilizing a different method of energy transmission: radio frequency waves.

Unlike laser energy, the energy does not have negative effects when used over a large area of the body. It does not create unwanted changes in skin pigmentation, nor does it create a large amount of heat that could potentially alter more than just the collagen layer of the skin.

This makes the EndyMed Pro 3DEEP? an effective method for treating loose skin. It can safely be administered to start the process of new collagen growth in the legs, abdomen, arms and face.

How the EndyMed Pro 3DEEP? Facilitates Treatment

The radio frequency energy transmission of the EndyMed PRO 3DEEP is just the beginning of how this equipment facilitates treatment.

Increased patient comfort is another benefit that the EndyMed Pro 3DEEP brings. The device is smaller than other comparable equipment and produces less heat. This added comfort makes treatments more successful.

The last major advantage of this nonsurgical skin tightening is the fact that it can be performed repeatedly. This allows the results a patient receives to become cumulative and gradual.

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