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Dysport vs Botox – What’s the Difference?

Often we look for ways to avoid some unavoidable conditions that come with aging such as wrinkles, lines, and facial itches. However, maintaining a radiant and wrinkle-free face can be an overwhelming challenge if the adequate effect is not taken, hence the introduction of botox and Dysport cosmetic by your one-in-town cosmetics spa. Naples Medical Spa Florida.

Naples medspa is a medically tested and trusted spa that offers a wide range of non-surgical aesthetics and cosmetics in Florida. We help you restore that beautiful, radiant, and youthful-looking face you have always desired.

What is Dysport?

Dysport is a botulinum toxin that causes your facial muscles to relax. It is applied to a targeted area through injection to treat wrinkles and age-caused lines.

What is Botox?

Botox is a drug made from the bacterium Clostridium botulinum producing toxin used for wrinkles and muscle contraction treatment.

Both botox and Dysport are clinically proven for the treatment of neurological disorders and facial wrinkles. Both are effective when injected but the results take longer than the other.

In Naples medspa, Dysport and botox are confirmed appropriate for the qualified candidate and takes no time. However, as visible as the similarities between both injections are, the differences can’t also be overlooked. Here are some differences between Dysport and botox.


  • Quick visible results
  • Difference in duration 
  • Treatment location 
  • Modular size
  • Incipient 
  • Dilution
  • FDA approved. 
  • Quick visible results.

Dysport takes effect within few days and lasts for three or four months. While Botox result becomes visible within a week and lasts for one month. 


The Dysport injection process completes in less than a minute. Meanwhile, botox injection takes more time to administer.

Treatment location

Botox treatment is for forehead lines, crow feet, and glabellar lines of 40 units in total with 10 injection points. While Dysport treatment is for glabellar lines of 20 units and 5 injections point respectively.


Dysport subtly requires nothing less than 24 hours to fully establish its effectiveness. Botox takes up to 72 hours before its visible results.

Molecular size

The amount of molecules present in Dysport is smaller than botox hence the fastest spreading when applied. This is where Naples medspa takes specialty as an expert in dosage and placement of neurotoxin.


 Botox diluted differently than Dysport. Therefore, a patient that’s used to a particular amount of botox will need increment if peradventure she wishes to switch to Dysport and vice-versa. In Naples medspa, our experts know the exact amount of botox or Dysport that’s good for you.

FDA approved

Botox is clinically approved by FDA for the treatment of moderate and severe frown lines and crow feet in the ages of 18 and above. Dysport on the other hand is an approved treatment of glabellar lines. 

For your convenient and reliable Dysport and botox cosmetics and other spa treatments that will leave you excited, book an appointment with Naples medical spa today. Your facial look can not be healthier!


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