Acne chemical peels

Brightening vs Acne Chemical Peels: Which is Right for Me?

Skin continues to transform from the time we are born until we’re old enough to require walking canes to move. It goes through numerous changes that affect elasticity, inflammation, clarity and wrinkles.

This is why skin develops certain conditions as we age. Individuals in their teens and twenties may develop inflammation of the sebaceous glands, which results in acne outbreaks. People over the age of 30 may develop dark spots of discoloration in the skin.

The thing to understand is that each type of dermatological condition has a different treatment associated with it. Using the right one is imperative to achieving the results you desire.

Acne Chemical Peels: Treating Inflammation and Its Causes

The most popular chemical peel is one that treats acne. By understanding how and why it works, you can better understand situations where this type of peel may apply.

Acne is defined as the inflammation of sebaceous glands that reside within the deeper layers of the skin. This condition can be irritating, painful and disfiguring. It can lead to acne scars and pitting of the face, both of which can severely detract from your appearance.

Acne chemical peels treat acne by clearing the pores of the face, fighting bacteria and applying soothing agents designed to reduce inflammation in the sebaceous glands. This means they generally remove the upper layer of the skin before penetrating the lower layers for better treatment.

Brightening Chemical Peels

The other major type of chemical peel is the type designed to brighten your skin. These peels are less about a destroyed construction and cleaning of your skin as they are introducing brightening agents to your skin cells.

Given this property, they tend to be gentler than acne chemical peels. This may make them better for treating skin that is an otherwise good condition with pigmentation issues or minor problems.

Some brightening peels may be used to smooth the skin. These peels typically are a mix between a purely brightening peel and a peel designed to remove acne.

Brightening vs. Acne Chemical Peels: When to Use Them

Given that acne and brightening chemical peels treat different conditions, they are best suited for treating acne and pigmentation issues respectively.

You may find that acne chemical peels are ideal if you have dull or oily skin. They may even replenish some of the nutrients your skin needs, which in turn can make them ideal treating your face initially.

Brightening peels are generally less destructive, which means that they should be used when your skin is in a good condition and you only have pigmentation problems. These peels may be used to brighten the skin, or to ?polish? your overall appearance.

When choosing between brightening and acne chemical peels, you should always consult a dermatological care provider. This will ensure you receive the proper treatment and acquire the best results possible.

To learn more about these peels, or to decide what type of chemical peel is best for your face, contact Skin Deep Naples today. We can engineer the perfect rejuvenation treatment that refreshes your skin and treats any imperfections your skin may have.